Performance Results of Pentagon Guider Mar-Apr 2024:

Virtual Trading of Weekly Stock Portfolio Idea for RM50,000

In the rapidly changing landscape of stock trading, virtual trading competitions provide a unique and valuable platform for traders to test strategies without financial risk. One such competition, the Series 3: QuickTrade (Short Term) Trading Fund, showcased a remarkable performance from March to April 2024 under the guidance of Martin TF Wong, using the innovative Pentagon Guider system. This article delves into the trading results of this period, where a starting portfolio of RM 50,000 saw a net gain of 11.41%.

Overview of the Trading Strategy

Martin TF Wong, our speaker, co-founder entered the virtual competition with a strategy focused on short-term trades informed by the Pentagon Guider—a system that identifies potential buy and sell signals based on market volume dynamics.

  • Specifically, Martin’s VSA strategy relied on visual confirmation of a Green Pentagon, which is a buy signal, prompting him to enter the trade at the opening price of the next bar or at the close price of the bar displaying the Green Pentagon.
  • Over the course of two months, Martin engaged in 9 trades, of which 6 were profitable, reflecting a win rate of 66.67%. The strategy led to a maximum portfolio increase to RM 55,705, demonstrating a meticulous balance of risk and reward with a maximum drawdown of just 0.5%.

Trade Performance Highlights

  • EATECH: A standout trade where Martin followed the Green Pentagon signal, entering at RM 0.280 and exiting at RM 0.320, yielding a profit of RM 1,428 (14.29%).

  • RAMSSOL: This trade followed a Green Pentagon entry at RM 0.410 and an exit at RM 0.445, resulting in a profit of RM 854 (8.54%).


  • SIMEPROP: Another successful application of the Pentagon Guider, with a purchase at RM 0.810 and a sell at RM 0.920, bringing in RM 1,353 (13.58%).

  • RSAWIT: The highest profit from a single stock, Rimbunan Sawit Bhd, with a return of RM 1,487.50 (14.89%) from an opening price of RM 0.235 to a closing of RM 0.270 following a Green Pentagon signal.

  • SCGBHD: Bought at RM 0.510 and sold at RM 0.555 after a Green Pentagon signal, this trade netted a profit of RM 886.50 (8.82%).

The strategy also accounted for losses, with the most significant being from Leong Hup International Bhd (LHI), which saw a reduction in portfolio value by RM 253.50.

Monthly Performance and Analysis

The equity curve started with a strong uptick in March with an 11.92% return, followed by a slight dip in April of -0.51%. This minor decline can be attributed to a few non-profitable trades and possibly market volatility, which is typical in short-term trading scenarios.

Educational and Strategic Takeaways

The performance of Martin’s portfolio in the virtual trading competition serves as an excellent case study for traders aiming to refine their strategies. The key takeaways include:

  1. Effective Entry and Exit using Pentagon Guider System: Timely decisions are crucial, as seen in the profitable trades that significantly outweighed the losses.
  2. Risk Management: Fixed position size and value per trade, keeping drawdowns low and managing non-profitable trades effectively helped in maintaining overall portfolio health of RM50k
  3. Leveraging VSA Algorithm Pentagon Guider Technology: Utilizing advanced tools like the Pentagon Guider can provide critical insights and enhance trading decisions.


The virtual trading performance of the Pentagon Guider from March to April 2024 provides valuable lessons on the effectiveness of technical analysis tools in stock trading. Whatsapp 010-266-9761 on how you can benefit from our speaker weekly stock trade idea.

Disclaimer : Past performance is not indicative of future results. Trading involves risks, including the potential loss of principal, as market conditions can fluctuate significantly. Always consider your investment objectives and consult with a financial advisor prior to trading.

How to Follow the SMART Money with SMARTRobie: A Guide to Harnessing Advanced Trading Insights

In the rapidly evolving world of stock trading, staying ahead of market trends and leveraging sophisticated analytical tools can significantly enhance trading outcomes. One such tool that has garnered attention is SMARTRobie, developed by TradeVSA.

This platform integrates the principles of Volume Spread Analysis (VSA) with real-time market data to offer traders a cutting-edge advantage. Here’s how you can follow the smart money using SMARTRobie and optimize your trading strategies.

Understanding SMARTRobie, Mobile App for Stock Trade Idea Generation and Analysis

SMARTRobie is an AI-driven stock market assistant that supports traders by providing real-time trading signals, stock comments, and fundamental data analysis. It utilizes the TradeVSA Pentagon Guider® System, which displays clear trading signals—Green Pentagon for buy signals and Red Pentagon for sell signals—helping traders make informed decision.

Key Features of SMARTRobie

1. Intraday and EOD Stock Trading Idea Signals: SMARTRobie refreshes its stock alert list every 20 minutes and new sets of trade idea listing, providing fresh trading ideas that are critical in the fast-paced trading environment for Bursa Malaysia Exchange, Singapore Stock Exchange, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, NYSE and NASDAQ and US SP500

2. Comprehensive SMARTRobie FA (Fundamental Analysis) Stock Analysis: The tool offers detailed comments on stock performance, displaying bullish or bearish ratings based on the Pentagon Guider® System. It also includes fundamental analysis data and daily trading plans for individual stocks, helping traders understand potential support and resistance levels

3. Risk Management: While SMARTRobie provides sophisticated tools to enhance trading, it’s crucial to remember that trading involves risks. The platform’s past performance is not a guarantee of future results, and proper risk management is advised to mitigate potential losses

4. Consistent Profits from VSA Members….Highlight trading style, rules of members performance results from their virtual trading over 6 mths available from this

Educational Resources

TradeVSA offers a plethora of resources to help traders master VSA and integrate it with fundamental analysis for more effective trading. Workshops and tutorials are available, providing insights into using fundamental analysis alongside VSA to pick high-quality stocks. These educational offerings not only explain the technical tools but also emphasize the importance of risk management and position sizing

Leveraging SMARTRobie for Enhanced Trading Decisions

To effectively use SMARTRobie, traders should engage with its various features:

  • Pentagon Guider System Stock Screener: Use SMARTRobie’s alerts to identify stocks displaying signs of strength or weakness as indicated by VSA indicators.
  • Stage 2 (trending) Market Trends: Keep an eye on the “Hot Sector” tab which ranks sectors based on their relative strength, offering insights into the sectors most likely to outperform and many more…
  • Continuous Learning: Participate in Live FB every Monday breakfast show morning ( training sessions and utilize the tutorials offered by TradeVSA to stay updated on the latest trading strategies and market changes.


SMARTRobie represents a significant advancement in trading technology, providing traders with the tools to follow the smart money effectively. By integrating real-time data, technical analysis, and educational resources, SMARTRobie empowers traders to make more informed and strategic trading decisions in the dynamic stock market.

For more detailed information and access to educational resources, visiting the official TradeVSA site and exploring the SMARTRobie section is highly recommended.


Hi All,

The End Results for the 6 months Members Orientation, Mar – Sep 2023 concluded with winners and below. Congratulations to all members.

1) Sukumaran Muthusamy, +16.2% gain, 67.3% win rate
2) Lee Mei Feng , +15.6% gain, 60% win rate
3) Choo Beng Seong, +15% gain, 52% win rate

Well done.

Contact 010-266 9761 to find how you can participate and learn from our next intake.

The Best Stock Analysis KLSE Trading Apps for Bursa Malaysia :

A Comparative Review

Introduction: Finding the best stock analysis KLSE trading app is crucial for traders seeking reliable market information and powerful analytical tools. With the growing popularity of the stock market Malaysia, several apps have emerged to cater to traders’ needs. This article provides a comparative review of the top stock analysis trading apps in KLSE – KLSE Screener, Malaysia Stock.Biz, Stockbit, and SmartRobie – helping traders choose the best app for their requirements.

1. KLSE Screener Trading App:

KLSE Screener stands out as the best stock analysis KLSE trading app, offering real-time data and powerful screening tools. It provides detailed financial information, company news, historical charts, and technical indicators. With personalized watchlists and alerts for price changes and market news, the app is suitable for traders of all levels in the stock market Malaysia


2. Malaysia Stock.Biz Trading App:

Malaysia Stock.Biz is a strong contender for the best stock analysis trading app KLSE, featuring real-time stock quotes, company information, financial statements, and technical analysis tools. The user-friendly interface allows traders to create watchlists and receive push notifications for price alerts and news updates. It is particularly suitable for beginners due to its simplicity and ease of use.

3. Stockbit Trading App:

Stockbit is a community-driven social trading app, making it one of the best stock analysis trading apps KLSE. It offers real-time stock quotes, financial news, and analysis from experts and fellow traders. Traders can join discussion groups, follow experienced investors, and gain insights from portfolios. With technical analysis tools and a user-friendly interface, Stockbit caters to those who value engaging with a community and stock market Malaysia

4. SmartRobie Trading App: SmartRobie utilizes advanced algorithms and machine learning, positioning itself as a top contender for the best stock analysis KLSE trading app. It provides real-time stock data, customizable watchlists, and personalized alerts. SmartRobie’s predictive analytics and sentiment analysis assist traders in making informed decisions. The app is suitable for both traders seeking automated recommendations and those who prefer a hands-on approach with fundamental and technical analysis tools.


Selecting the best stock analysis KLSE trading app depends on traders’ preferences and requirements. KLSE Screener excels with its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface, catering to traders of all levels. Malaysia Stock.Biz offers simplicity and ease of use, making it a suitable choice for beginners. Stockbit provides a unique social trading experience, while SmartRobie appeals to traders seeking AI-powered insights.

Evaluate the features of each app to find the best stock analysis KLSE trading app that aligns with your trading style. Regardless of the chosen app, thorough research and market understanding are vital for successful trading.

Download the SmartRobie app from the App Store or Google Play Store to experience the best stock analysis KLSE trading app and stock market Malaysia


Bursa Malaysia or previously known as KLSE or Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange is the largest stock market in Southeast Asia with a market capitalization of over US$100 billion. It has been operational since 1965 and offers trading participations for both Malaysian stocks and special designated stocks.



Bursa Malaysia also gives investors access to the most recent business news, company profiles, charts, and other tools for analysing data. It also runs an electronic market place where registered brokers can help their clients buy or sell Bursa Malaysia-listed securities directly.

Five things you may not have known about the Bursa Malaysia:

1) It has a list of top companies that includes PETRONAS, Genting Group, Maybank, Public Bank and list of large companies.

2) The exchange lets people trading in Bursa Malaysia. It allowed them to buy and sell both Malaysian stocks and stocks from other countries in the coming future.

3) It runs an electronic market where registered brokers can buy or sell securities listed on Malaysia directly for their clients.

4) With a market capitalization of more than $100 billion, it is the one of largest stock exchange in Southeast Asia.

5) Their website has a lot of stock market information, like company profiles and the latest news. The latest education service is BursaMarket Place, goto


Singapore Stockbrokers Association was started & moved into Malaya in 1930 but Bursa Malaysia was created in 1937. It was renamed the Stockbrokers’ Association Malaya. Share trading for public is open to all. On May 9, 1960, the Malayan Stock Exchange started trading. Both Singapore and Kuala Lumpur put in place board systems in 1961.

When Malaysia and Singapore broke up in 1965, the Malaysian Stock Exchange kept going under both names (MSSE). When the currency exchange stopped in 1973,  KLSE and the Singapore Stock Exchange became new entity.


Today & Tomorrow

Bursa Malaysia is one of the most important parts of the Malaysian stock market. Share prices in the stock exchange will fluctuate on the stock exchange primarily due to economic forces.  When the next coming turmoil like geopolitical events like Russia Ukraine war, exchanges like Bursa will face challenges for public to trade in Bursa Malaysia.

Risk Ahead

Other factors like the companies and the economy as a whole exhibit signs of stability and expansion, share prices typically rise or remain stable. A stock market crash may occur following a recession, depression, or financial crisis. Consequently, the movement of share prices and stock indexes can be indicative of the economic climate and it played a role on shaping the future of the exchange.



For more information, go to, which is the site for Bursa Malaysia.

Congratulation to Zanailee (1st Runner-up) & Aaric (2nd Runner-up) for our TradeVSA Turtle Trader Program 2022.

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Hi all,

From 9.30 am morning on 12 Mar 2022, we have our time table schedule for Mar 12, 2022 TradeVSA Market Conference.


Our first speaker, Dr. Gary Dayton from US


Dr. Gary detailing the working mind of an investor and trader on how we make decision in trading.

Check out Dr. Gary Dayton speaking in our TradeVSA Conference.

1. Its important that Dr. Gary highlight many flaw us as investor and trader don’t address as we so focus on the visual .
2. We need to focus trading and investor as a process and not just another leisure activities for those is taking a more professional approach.
3. At the end, its is dollar and cents and we shud try to improve our life and ourselves as part of personal development, just like developing good habits to be healthy and wealthy
4. Dr. Gary is an accomplished day trader in the US SP500 and he sharing from his professional experience and looking from the inside.

6. In my experience, trading shorter time frame vs longer time frame imposed stronger psychology pressure as trading shorter like daytrader need to overcome from losing position, like shaking it off. And get back to winning mode.

7. Review the winning and losing and learn about yourself.

8. Trading psychology is much more appreciated once you focus on the process rather than the outcome like profit or loss. Like I lost money today, I am a lousy trader and we become addicted to the feelings of winning because we feel like a real man or person.

9. Focus on technique and skill acquiring when u first starting but theres a need to develop the winning mindset as described by Dr. Gary later if you want to be consistent winners year in and out.

Mr. Martin Wong

Co-Founder TradeVSA

Discuss the 3 main indicator to watch for when comes to market bottom before thinking of buying and how you can use KLCI index and DJIA index to time your next buying when it comes to bottom fishing.


Next Speaker

Mr. Jong Yu Huat, Kelington Berhad CFO shared his talks “How Kelington benefitted from the Global Semiconductor Shortage”…

He shared insights how chips prices gone higher due to supply chain issues.

Mr. KK Choong shared Macquarie new US Index warrants to help Msian trader to benefit from long and short position.

More free tools from MACQ Malaysia… check out at their website :

Roman Bogomazov

An Expert Wyckoffian from Golden Gate University, San Francisco shared his insights.

Common question from different Wyckoff from VSA (Volume Spread Analysis).
1. Roman talked about trading range structure
1.1 Bias Accumulation or Distribution
2. Breakdown the definition of the market definition

3. Discuss the Wyckoff price and volume action in Phase A-D

4. Discuss example from BitCoin, Cuscapi KLSE stock and Gold stock

Dagang Nexchange: DNEX correcting now, Is this time to buy now?


By leveraging its wealth of knowledge and expertise, Dagang NeXchange Berhad (KLSE: DNEX) has become a leading provider of eServices focused on trade facilitation, system integration and consultancy. By supplying customized services, solutions and infrastructures, the company is positioning itself as a reputable player in a myriad of sectors including the lucrative IT, Technology and most recently – the energy industry.

The company has been making several growth strides in the past months to facilitate its progress. DNEX is focusing its efforts on adding prominent key personnel to its BOD to facilitate its new ventures into the lucrative oil and gas industry. Additionally, the company’s previous acquisition of Silterra will enable the company to position itself as an emerging leader in the growing semiconductor industry. In fact, the subsidiary has recently announced a $645 million investment on an expansion plan that will result in a 20% increase in its annual capacity.

On February 16, DNEX was among the most actively traded stocks and traded at its record high of RM1.27. In light of the company’s constant development and expansion efforts, investors are bullish DNEX could reach new highs in the coming months.

Lets’ look at

Company Latest Quarter results

The company reported RM 270 million in quarterly revenue, up from RM 45 million in the previous quarters.This represents a 490% QoQ increase in revenue. The main reason behind the surge in revenue is mainly due to the acquisition of SilTerra Malaysia Sdn Bhd from Khazanah Negara, which is a semiconductor wafer foundry.

The increase in revenue from RM 15 million to RM 78 million, representing a 396% QoQ growth rate, is also due to the company’s recent acquisition due to the consolidation of Ping results (RM67.27 million) in the current quarter, as well as the impact of the recent improvement in oil price.If we remove the acquisition of Ping, the company’s revenue for its energy segments only posted a revenue of RM 11 million, which is actually declining.

Thus, most of the 490% QoQ growth in revenue from DNEX has come from inorganic growth, where the company increased its revenue through the acquisition of another company. However, one of the positives is that the company’s IT segment increased its revenue by 46% QoQ from RM 30 million to RM 40 million in the latest quarters.

The quarterly trend for DNEX were impressive as ever as you can see QtoQ jump so far.

Source: TradeVSA TradingView
DNEX, Looking a low PE now ? Is this really “cheap” ?


Source: SMARTRobie (Available from Google Playstore and Apple Playstore)

In term of fundamental standpoint, even the company is trading at a PE ratio of 8.27 which look cheap but if we took a deeper dive the company EPS is actually boosted due to its recent acquisition of the semiconductor company from Khazanah. The boost in EPS is only one time and unlikely to sustain. Thus, the company underlying business is actually trading at a much higher valuation.


Technical Analysis from TradeVSA Weekly Chart

Longer term trend according to VSA (Volume Spread Analysis). Long period of re-accumulation spotted in the DNEX weekly chart since March 2021. In this re-accumulation we can notice how Smart Money plan this movement from the beginning before a breakout of +31% profit !


Based on the backtesting, a healthy trending stock will form reaccumulation. We will share with you similar case study in this article shortly.


So, what is Re-Accumulation ?

A Reaccumulation is the process of Absorbing shares during an uptrend. It is a pause in a major uptrend that can take weeks to months (sometimes years) to complete. It serves the same purpose as an Accumulation. By the way, we are holding our VSA/Wyckoff conference Mar 12, 2022. Check us out there


In this stage, you will notice several Shakeout will happen as Smart Money trying to remove weakhand-holders before breakout.


Here is the previous review for DNEX in reaccumulation


Below is another re-accumulation stock, TAANN, with +65% profit !


Reaccumulation is always needed to ensure the trend overall is still healthy. In the next few articles, we will go into details and break down what is happening in Re-Accumulation and how you can spot like a Smart Money too!
With this, you can Trader Smarter Everytime and avoid trap by Smart Money

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This information only serves as reference information and does not constitute a buy or sell call. Conduct your own research and assessment before deciding to buy or sell any stock