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Declaration By Users

*SMARTRobie® user must declare his own Investor category before using the trading ideas on SMARTRobie®. The self-declaration places on the responsibility of truthfulness upon the user.

TradeVSA takes all the necessary care and due diligent to design system to cater for different Risk Profile of our users. The following trading ideas is designed for the respective investor’s profile:

Risk Profile

Trade Ideas


Pentagon Guider®, Robie FA Collection


Pentagon Guider®, Robie FA Collection, ST-2 Daily Stock, Hot Sector


Pentagon Guider®, Robie FA Collection, ST-2 Daily Stock, Hot Sector, ST-2 Intraday

*TradeVSA shall not be held responsible to any person for any false declarations made by the user.

SMARTRobie® gives Fresh Trading Ideas Every 20 minutes for Traders.

SMARTRobie® stock alert lists refresh every 20 minutes, powered by TradeVSA Pentagon Guider® System with a clear Up signal (Green Pentagon) or Down signal (Red Pentagon) on TradeVSA chart.

Are your stock trade ideas from SMARTRobie® guaranteed?

There are winners and losses in trading stock. Past performance from SMARTRobie® is not an indicator of future performance. There are risks involved in trading shares. Please have proper risk management when trading shares as a loss of money is highly probable.

What SMARTRobie® stock market assistant does:

  1. 1. Provides live stock price for [Bursa Stock name] and other exchanges:

    eg. Public Bank is PBBANK. We cover all the stocks excluding warrants, and loans stock.

  2. 2. Provide Stock Comment for Stocks:

    SMARTRobie® gives a bullish and bearish technical rating according to Pentagon Guider® System.

  3. 3. Display Stock Chart for Individual Stock:

    SMARTRobie® is powered by Pentagon Guider® System displaying a daily chart for individual stock with a clear Up signal (Green Pentagon) or Down signal (Red Pentagon) on TradeVSA chart.

  4. 4. Display simple fundamental data for individual stock and provide SMARTRobie® FA ratings:

    FA ratings greater than 4* or higher are good FA stocks.

  5. 5. Display daily trading plan for individual stock:

    Shows daily trading plan for a stock with possible support, S1 & S2 and likely resistance R1 & R2 and ATR SL (Average True Range) stop loss.

  6. 6. Show Exit strategies for individual stock:
  7. 7. Provide intrinsic value calculation for share:

    Look for Stock Fundamental Menu in Stock Menu “Stock Fundamental for PBBANK”.


What are those symbols on the SMARTRobie® Pentagon Guider® charts?

SMARTRobie® chart contains VSA symbols, lines and Technical indicators used as follow:

Chart Symbols

Symbol or Labels displayed on TradeVSA chart follows this.

Green Pentagon Green Pentagon => Buy signal

Red Pentagon Red Pentagon => Sell Signal

Up Sign of Strength Sign of Strength (Bullish)

CNS = confirmed no supply

LC = Line change

SP = Spring

T = Test

Down Sign of Strength Sign of Weakness (Bearish)

CND = confirmed no demand

SO = Sell Off

UT = upthrust

Pentagon Guider® technical details associated with each stock namely.

  • Pentagon Flow (measuring strength or weakness) and
  • Pentagon Date with (price changes since Pentagon +/- %)

These acronyms are explained here:

🎞️ Watch this video for more details:

Pentagon Guider® Sign of Strength (SOS) and Sign of Weakness (SOW) short tutorial (9min):

Full Video: U.S Share Analysis Technique with SMARTRobie®:

Stock Trade Idea Disclosures:

📈 Methodology: Technical Analysis of Volume Spread Analysis. Volume Spread Analysis (VSA) is a form of technical analysis that attempts to look into price action in relation to volume. VSA is the study of the market forces of supply and demand and the manipulation of those forces through the psychology of crowd behavior.

🎯 Stock Target Profit (TP) Revision Policy is revised daily: Changes of the TP stocks are based on the previous high or price resistance at peak levels usually at 1 month-high, 3 months high, 1 week high. Eg. if there is a change in 1-week high overnight, TP will be revised to this new price.

Stock price and volume are updated during the trading day but the TP is updated after market closes.

  • R1 = resistance 1 refer to the shortest timeframe TP at 1 week high or 1 mth high whichever higher price.
  • R2 = resistance 2 refer to the longer timeframe RP at 1 mth high or 3 mth high whichever higher price.
  • S1 = support 1 refer to the shortest timeframe Cut Loss (CL) level at 1 week low or 1 mth low whichever lower price.
  • S2 = support 2 refer to the longer timeframe Cut Loss (CL) level at 1 mth low or 3 mth low whichever lower price.

Limitation of Algorithm

  • Reduced Effectiveness in Trendless Individual stock chart and overall Index Stock Markets: Without clear trends, it will affect the responsiveness of the Pentagon Guider® System in plotting the RED and GREEN Pentagon indicators.
  • Increased Signal Noise: Increased noise/randomness in daily or weekly timeframes complicates analysis in trendless conditions.
  • Stock charts that have Insufficient Volume: Example, trading with continuous bar of zero volume will give raise to inaccurate Pentagon Guider® System indicators.
  • Stock charts with less than 6 months period of trading bars - provide insufficient data for Pentagon Guider® System Algorithm to compute/calculate.

Risk inherent in the use of technology algorithms.

  • Stock Market Adaptability Risk: Pentagon Guider® System will have limitation to adapt quickly to sudden, non-trend-based stock market movements, which could lead to potential losses.

Past Performance Pentagon Guider System Guide (Backtesting over 5 years)

Image below is a snapshot of the backtesting table results over the past 5 years, trading a virtual account with RM50,000. The strategy involved buying stocks after a Green Pentagon signal and exiting either at a specific profit target, the end of the period, or when a Red Pentagon appeared or cut loss level.

Virtual Trading Backtesting Table Result

*Past performance is no indicator for future results. There are risks in trading shares.

Hot Sector Tab Menu

Hot Sector

The Hot Sector for each exchange is calculated using Relative Strength comparison to the benchmark of the exchange indice eg. Bursa-KLCI for Bursa Malaysia exchange and so for.

The strongest trend for the sector will be listed in priority from No. 1 to No. 5 sector will only be listed accordingly.

Under each sector label, example label is hot-linked (click on it) to display list of stocks under ENERGY (Max 12 stocks will be listed) completed with Pentagon Guider® indicator either Green or Red; and date sorted by the most recent on top. Therefore, the individual stocks can be in Green or Red Pentagon depending on the date.

*Note: All these been equal, choose to trade/research those stocks with Green Pentagon and avoid the Red Pentagon in the respective sector listing within Hot Sectors.

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Past performance is not an indicator of future performance. There are risks involved in buying and selling shares. Please have proper risk management when trading shares as a loss of money is highly probable.