What People Are Saying About TradeVSA

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Jeanne Cheah


When I started out on my investment journey over 2 years ago, I found it to be daunting and seemingly unproductive. There were numerous routes – roads and side lanes – full of dead ends, potholes, twists and turns. So easy to get lost. With Trade VSA Malaysia and its trading course, it is like driving with a 🧭 GPS system now, having a reliable and easy-to-use compass to guide me confidently to my destination.

In addition to the powerful system and trading seminar, I really appreciate Martin’s sincerity and 👩‍🎓 constant mentoring during the trading course which he personally provides to the community of TradeVSA members, together with his team of 🥇 highly dedicated and experienced coaches and seniors we access after trading course. Finally, within the TradeVSA community, I never need to trade alone.

Many thanks to all those served during the trading course and trading seminar we have!

During the trading seminar, Martin makes sophisticated 📈 Price and Volume Analysis trading course into easy to understand and simplified system, TradeVSA. It helps me to pick scores of 👍 winners.

Martin changed my thoughts about investing and allocating risks and it’s appreciating when I receives 👨‍🎓 Martin and his team’s expert advise during the trading course that helps me a lot with my decisions. With Trade VSA Malaysia and after service & its trading course, I am very satisfied with the growth of my ✔️ investments especially after the regular 📅 trading seminar held to support members.

Thank you and kudos to you Martin and your outstanding team and also during trading seminar!

Loh Ann Leong

Genting HK

Mr. CW Chin

Retired CEO & Company Director

Wow! I’ve seen many systems and trading course or trading  seminar, but this is the 👍 first of its kind! I had followed Volume Spread Analysis Malaysia (VSA Method) trading course and investment techniques for more than 10 years. We are now ✔️ 💵 profitable, thanks to Trade VSA Malaysia and its regular  📅 trading seminar held for members. Today, I am able to continue my lifestyle even after I had 🏖️ retired. Now, everyone can trade and/or invest with total confidence!

Ong Jin Yew


Trade VSA Malaysia is a great tool for me as it 👨‍🎓 guides my decision making when comes to timing my 📈 entry or exit. I learned so much in Trading Course VSA. There are many technical analysis software and trading course out there, but it cost so much more. Just having any kind of trading software is not enough or after attending trading seminar

Having a 👍 supportive community and coaches after the trading course makes up the whole experience in my trading journey. I aspire to be a top and a winning trader someday. I believe with TradeVSA and with the right support, someday I will and many thanks to regular 📅 trading seminars to support members.

TradeVSA and its trading course and trading seminar enhances my 📈 trading decision by making clear identification of good trade set ups which in turn helps to reduce risk in trading, overcome emotion and avoid trading in impulse. I learned 👍  so much in the trading course VSA.

Trade VSA Malaysia support group are helpful with 🥇 👨‍🎓 several coaches in the chatroom and its regular trading seminar that offer explanation and trading approach of volume spread analysis in their own ways, I find having this variety of coaches after the trading course to be enriching and helps to fill up gaps in my understanding of volume spread analysis Malaysia.

The more I attend the regular member 📅 trading seminar, the faster I learn!



Chee Fook Weng


In the TradeVSA trading course and its related trading seminar introduced the 4 market stages such as heat zones, SOS and SOW signals combination provide a useful trading tool with an edge for entry and exit. Its trading seminar held 📅 regularly help me a lot.

After the trading course, I 📈 exited CIMB and Genting BHD (Oct 18) with small loss (before major sell off) after seeing SOW signal and red heat zone.

Now, I look to buy at a cheaper price or look for other potential stocks. Also, thanks to Martin and support team after the trading course, for their passion to provide a valuable online training and dedication, trading seminar to train me to 💵 master the market successfully.



I’m so happy that I got some 📈 profit of 14% in K-One Technology today and the lesson from the trading course, trading seminar help me a lot. Thanks for the continuous guidance and coaching after the 🥇 👨‍🎓 trading course from Trade VSA Malaysia team.

I also benefitted from the regular 📅 trading seminar held by TradeVSA to support its member!