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Charlotte Yeoh

27 Nov 2020

In 1997, I burnt millions of dollars and I decided to quit stock market until recently I have more time since working from home and discovered that your teaching is a good guide for share trading. I am able to analyse many trades following your guidance especially using COC and NS indicator. I don’t buy a lot but it’s the satisfaction that I learned the skill to buy and sell at the right time. Special thanks to Zac, Martin, Alif, Foo and Marina. I will keep on learning and attending your masterclasses, will send my 3 sons to TradeVSA for the education to widen their knowledge.

SmartRobie helps to maximize profit and minimize risk per trade. It helps to set a goal for my trade whether it is profitable or cut loss at minimum risk. I am able to trade with a peace in mind be just clicking on SmartRobie where all necessary information is provided.

SmartRobie has helped me in understanding share trading and becoming a Smarter investor/trader by providing more choices and trade ideas. The comprehensive and structured info makes me a better informed trader.

Aries Pang

21 November 2020

Mizu Jusoh

21 Nov 2020

I managed to hold my emotions from getting over my trading plan. I use SmartRobie to set my trading plan especially the stock comment to also enhance my learning curve on TradeVSA screener.

The course by Mr. Martin was pretty much the best for beginners, and for experienced investors and traders as well as it covered literally all the fundamentals of the stock market. Besides, it allowed participants to begin their investment journey with practical guidance. Mr. Martin is a very passionate guru in guiding youngsters to start investing in the most proper manner with proper mindset. He kept on telling participants to stick with the basic investment tools first before getting into advanced and complex tools such as foreign exchange and cryptocurrency which I think is very true. It was a very insightful event and we get to learn more in-dept about investment. Mr. Martin guided us step by step patiently and allowed students to clarify their thoughts with him. Learned a lot regarding stocks and know where to start already!

Leonard Wan

11 Nov 2020

Lau Siew Peng

4 Oct 2020

TradeVSA consistently put up a great experience during all the MasterClasses. It has improved my knowledge and skills in reading the markets. I have also got to learn about products like futures FCPO. This course covers a lot of products including US Market. The tools like TradeVSA Screeners and Smart Robie add on to the ease in learning about trading the markets.  The coaches here are both knowledgeable and effective in teaching Volume Spread Analysis. Charts make sense to me now!

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