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Barbara Ngu
Barbara Ngu
21. March, 2023.
Trade VSA is a great tool with winning strategies which are effective. A must have if you want to time entry and exit with higher accuracy. Most of all, it has a superb support team who respond timely to your queries.
Hooi Chin Chow
Hooi Chin Chow
21. March, 2023.
Zac is good teacher and have clear explanations. Definitely will recommend to friends 👍
Ahmad Shah
Ahmad Shah
21. March, 2023.
Very good course
Kelvin SKJ
Kelvin SKJ
27. January, 2023.
The new insider trading features at Tradevsa seem interesting. Maybe will give a trial before considering to sign it
Charlotte Yeoh
Charlotte Yeoh
2. October, 2022.
In May, 2020 I have decided to join Trade VSA through online class. I am not a digital savvy . Not to my expectation, I picked up my investment and trading skills after attending many sessions of master class conducted by Trade VSA . The coaches are patience and knowledgeable which encourage me to learn through the many master classes conducted online during the past 2 years . I gain much knowledge about FA , share analysis, price check and other trading informations by using Smart Robie , powered by Trade VSA. I learnt volume spread analysis , TA and FA, various tools & indicators used in Trade VSA like Pentagon Guider, sign of strength and sign of weakness , different methodology like pull back and market stages . The indicators I used most are Pentagon Guider, NS , COC, pocket pivot etc . I am excited to learn the new indicators and new technology which constantly updated . Today I am a full time trader n investor using both Smart Robie to track the trading plan and Trade VSA chart for buy n sell signals. I have achieved many successful trades and feel excited to move forward to achieve more successful trades .
Jooky Lim
Jooky Lim
8. August, 2022.
Very good review by Martin on KLCI & US markets

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