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Combining Volume Spread Analysis (VSA) with Fundamental Analysis for Effective Trading in the Market

Title : Combining Volume Spread Analysis (VSA) with Fundamental Analysis for Effective Trading in the Market

Course Fees : RM98 (register by 20th Feb 2024); RM148 per pax

Date : 27th February 2024 (Tue)

Time: 8.45am – 12.00pm (Part 1) ; 1.00pm – 4.00pm (Part 2)

Speaker : Martin Wong

Course Details


Program Objectives

Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe and understand the Technical analysis tools of Volume Spread Analysis (VSA) as trading tools.
  2. Select shares by filtering that fulfilled the criteria of good reward to risk by using Volume Spread Analysis (VSA) as trade setup using market stages
  3. Describe and Differentiate elements of Volume Spread Analysis in terms of signs of strength (bullish) and signs of weakness (bearish)
  4. Identify high-quality fundamental shares with exhibit strong earnings trends, lower valuation, and pay dividends.
  5. Understand and identify their trading position by right position sizing for each trade.
Program Outline


Introduction to Volume Spread Analysis (VSA)
Introduction to VSA -Tom Williams, Father of VSA theory of “Follow the Smart Money” Price and Actions Model. Learn what is VSA Sign of Strength (SOS), VSA Sign of Weakness (SOW) are; Identify market stage analysis based on Dow Theory to seek low-risk high potential reward buying and selling opportunities.

Using Fundamental Analysis to support a trade position
Apply the framework of fundamental analysis to select value shares with the goal of buying value at a discount and selling when the share is fully valued. Financial analysis simulation with a focus on building analysis skills. Case Study -The participant will look at 2-3 companies from Bursa Malaysia.

How to Select High-Quality VSA Stocks with a high probability of moving higher meeting the standard of the valuation model
Participants will use a fundamental screener with the VSA model to find shares that offer a high return on equity, return on assets, intrinsic value, low debt to equity, retained earnings, low PE, and good dividends with the time-tested valuation models of Warren Buffet and Benjamin Graham.

Risk Management Technique by Position Sizing
Participants will participate in risk management games and simulations and discuss lessons learned from the participants’ outcomes and shared learning to enhance their current understanding of trading and better manage their good reward-risk approach positions in the future.

Backtesting your trade position for comparative studies
Back-testing high-quality VSA shares for historical returns versus risk using stage analysis and volume spread analysis. Various entry and exit levels are discussed to maximize return and minimize risk. Benchmarked against a market return to find the optimal level of trading effectively in the market.

Review and Summary
End of Program


Martin Wong

Martin Wong is a Co-Founder of TradeVSA System S.B. A fintech player in the financial market analytics landscape in Malaysia.

Introducing SMARTRobie, a Mobile App Stock Market Assistant Chatbot for the KLSE stock market. It targeted new millennials and 1st-time investors.

Martin began his career as a system engineer at Intel and later, as a technology analyst with Accenture in the Financial industry for 8 years. After completing with MBA in Honours in MBA, he began to pursue his passion in the investment & securities industry. He applied as a financial analyst in CIMB Investment Berhad and had previously acted as a discretionary fund manager for over RM45 million of accounts under management with Phillip Capital with a portfolio in KLSE, SGX, and US Markets.

Martin previously hold 3 licenses in stocks, futures, and fund management in CIMB Investment Bank, Jupiter Securities & Phillip Capital Asset Management. He wrote 4 books on investment and trading and was a Best Seller in local financial books during the period.

Martin is also a full-time investor/trader who dedicates his time and resources to nurturing the youth in financial literacy. He often speaks at brokers’ seminars, webinars, and as seen previously in News Strait Times newspaper, NTV7, TradingView, BFM radio station.

Terms and Conditions

1. Registration is on a first-come-first-served basis, limited seats available.

2. Participants need to sit in for both sessions in order to accumulate the points.

3. Confirmation is subject to payment before the workshop.

4. The program, speaker, date, etc is subject to change without prior notice.


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