7 Things to Know Before Choosing an Investment Education Provider!

1. Not a One-Man Show
A team is always a good choice when choosing for education. Why? A team is the best way to create a better process in giving you the best education you can have especially when receiving good investment advice. One man show or a solopreneur usually face a lot of difficulties as they have a lot on their plate and they may not give you the best education in terms of flexibility.

2. Good Support Team
What to do if you have any questions or inquiries? Well, a good support team will answer your questions and inquiries with the utmost respect and try to understand your concerns. Furthermore, a good support team will give you timely support if you have any problems with the package itself. You need to identify if they can:

  • Meet you in person
  • Send them emails/message you via popular messaging app like WhatsApp and Telegram
  • Reply to you between 1 or 2 days
  • Meet you in a physical office environment.

3. Great Testimonials from Participants
Testimonials are a good indicator that any business is doing well or not. If you have seen great testimonials from an education provider, you know that the service they provide is professional and qualified to help you get the best knowledge out there.

Ask the provider how many customers they have and who are their participants.
Another great way identifies testimonials are Social Media. Search for them in social media and you can know has anybody recommend them for their service or not.

4. Free tools vs Premium tools
Investment providers usually provide tools for you to analyse the markets so that you can detect and analyse market conditions. Out there, there are multiple tools for you to use, but as a consumer, you need to identify which tools can help you make a better investment decision.

You may come across between free tools and premium tools that analyse the market. However, you need to know there are great differences between free and premium ones. Free tools are usually free trials that get costumers to get a feel of what they are getting. Be informed of what tools you are buying and make sure that it is worth the value!

5. Track Record of the Education Provider
The proof is very important when choosing an education provider. Especially in the world of trading and investing, one wrong decision will burn your money and investment in an instant. So, the risk is high. If you want to determine the success of your future investments, you need to identify what proof has the education provider provides for their students. If you have seen their students are doing well with no complaints on the investments side, you know that this track record is good.

6. The Period of Establishment
Experience is very important in making decisions. If you have a fund manager with 10 years experience and another with 5 years of experience, you know who would have a better chance of providing you with a good consistent return. The same is with an investment education provider. If the provider has a very long period of establishment, you know the provider has a certain number of clients.

7. Excellent Technical Expertise
Technical expertise is very important especially in providing education. Investment analysis especially needs a very high degree in analytical thinking. To identify whether a person or the provider has good technical expertise, it’s best to see if the provider has qualifications and certifications in the field of investments. Before you engage in the provider, ask the provider to see the qualification and certifications that the provider has.