TradeVSA Digest Week 15 July 22, 2019

Editor Commentary:

No change of attitude between Trump and Xi as they “talked” about resolving the US-China trade war issues. One day we sit and talked and another, we disagreed. With this form of trade resolution, I believe it will be another 6-9 months. Going forward, US interest rates cut in Q3 2019 is the “talk of every analyst” to spur US economy, which is currently doing well, by the way. The stock market will continue to climb on the backdrop of cutting rates amidst of wall of worries of many risk factors like slowing growth, trade war with China and US. On our Bursa Malaysia, foreign funds continue to flow out driving the market lower, however there’s a opportunities on the small cap counters. Look for them.

KLSE Market Update

Stock Bullish Ratings: 55.5 %, KLCI (KLCI)
KLCI last close (19 Jul 2019) was RM 1658.19, +9.260 (+0.56%).It’s also 3-Month high. This market condition is considered to be slight bearish. KLCI has strengths in the background in the last 30 bars. KLCI Pentagon Guider is orange trendzone, Bearish. As a guideline, please EXIT or Think to sell when counter KLCI is trading below ATR Stop loss. KLCI now trades BELOW ATR Stop Loss. The probability of next few bars uptrend: 57%. Wait for Pentagon Guider to turn Red to Sell!

SGX Market Update

On 2019-07-19, STI SGX is trading at 3377.96 and change % from last bar was 0.50 %, (+16.91, RM 3361.05). And also 3-Month high. This market condition is considered to be very bullish for stock counter STI. STI has strengths in the background in the last 30 bars. There are 8 SOS (Sign of Strengths).
Now, Line Change or No Supply SOS bars are in CONTROL now. Expect upside likely after 2019-07-19.

DJIA Market Update

On 2019-07-19, US DJIA is trading at 27,154.2 and change % from last bar was -0.25 %, ( -68.79, 27,223). And also 3-Month high. This market condition is considered to be very bullish for index counter US DJIA. US DJIA has strengths in the background in the last 30 bars. There are 7 SOS. Look for higher closing in coming weeks.

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The History of VSA

Volume Spread Analysis was previously known as Wyckoff Volume Spread Analysis and has been in existence for over 20 years. Driven by an artificial intelligence engine,TradeGuider VSA is unique and is capable of analyzing any liquid market in any time frame by extracting the information it needs in order to indicate imbalances of Supply and Demand evident in a chart. In doing so, TradeGuider is able to graphically exhibit the essential dynamics of market movement.

As mentioned earlier, this is not a new concept. Tom Williams, the inventor of VSA, is a former syndicate trader. He observed that the markets were being manipulated and that the key to unlocking the truth lay in the relationship among the Volume, the Spread of the bar, and its Closing Price. Tom spent many years studying the concepts of Richard Wyckoff, a renowned trader during the 1920’s and 1930’s. Richard wrote several books about trading the Markets, and he eventually created the Stock Market Institute in Phoenix, Arizona. At its core, Wyckoff’s work is based on the analysis of trading ranges and determining when the stocks are in basing, markdown, distribution, or mark-up phases. Incorporated into these phases are ongoing shifts between ‘weak hands’, or public ownership, and ‘the composite operator’, now commonly known as ‘Smart Money’.

When Tom Williams went back to Beverly Hills in the early 1980’s, he began to investigate the possibility of computerizing the system he had learned as a syndicate trader- and so began the evolution of Volume Spread Analysis (VSA). With the assistance of an experienced computer programmer, Tom carefully studied thousands of charts to recognize the obvious patterns that were left when professional operators, or Smart Money, were active. This technique, although simple in concept, took several years to write and is now taught as a methodology in combination with software known as TradeGuider.


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