TradeVSA in RiseConf 2019 Gathering

We finally arrived here in RiseConf 2019 Hong Kong!

The world’s global conference of startups, growth companies, investors, and highly motivated participants are gathering today, July 8-11, 2019 in Hong Kong. And we’re excited to be one of the participants, meet and collaborate with global leaders and investors, and to know latest business trends.

RiseConf has chosen TradeVSA as a FinTech Startup Company from Malaysia. So, we’re here to showcase Robie, Stock Market Assistance Chatbot to the world.

During the conference, we are thrilled to do a Facebook Live sessions such as latest news, tips and announcements.

“AirAsia is now a technology company,” Tony Fernandez CEO of AirAsia. It’s hard to believe but Tony announced it during his speech here at RiseConf 2019 conference hall.

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