TradeVSA Digest Week 13 May 31, 2019

Editor Commentary:

TradeVSA Digest has indeed come from a modest start from our 1st issue back in Nov 5, 2018 and we are in #13 issues. Many thanks to our contributing staff and designer for making our TradeVSA Digest truly unique in the VSA community. Also not forgetting well wishes “Selamat Hari Raya” to all our Muslims friends and colleagues who will be celebrating this season. The “Hari Raya KLSE” rally is indeed here with selected counters that has runned up recently. Our Winning trade with Vortex Consolidated Berhad with our members was the highlight.

We continue to support our members/public with your feedback and release many live FB show to complement our product and services like Live FB trading HKSE, SGX, KLSE, Opening & Closing Bell, Live Futures Trading and our live video are available everyday like a TV program in our Facebook page. Do check us out @

No deal on sights yet with US-China Trade War and its China turn turning using its “weapon” against his rival. Huawei remained the “sticky point”. While our KLSE foreign fund continue outflow. Check out from our site.

Enjoy this festive seasons!

KLSE Market Update

KLCI last close was RM 1623.67 (+0.5%).It’s also 3-Month low.This market condition is considered to be very bearish. This bearish condition is despite, KLCI has strengths in the background in the last 30 bars. KLCI Pentagon Guider is blue trendzone, Bullish. And this is a good news. Look for a beginning of a new trend.

SGX Market Update

Straits Times Index

On 2019-05-29, STI is trading at 3163.28 and change %
from last bar was -0.06 %, ( -2.04, RM 3165.32). Its also 3-Month low. This market condition is considered to be very bearish for counter STI.
STI is in RED HeatZone. This mean it’s trend may still be Down or LIKELY continue to go Lower. Wait for bar confirmation Line Change (LC) for trend reversal @ RM 3198 or higher for STI.

DJIA Market Update

Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA)

On 2019-05-29, US DJIA is trading at 25,126.4 and change % from last bar was -0.87 %, ( -221.4, 25,347.8). It is 1-Month low.and also 3-Month low. This market condition is considered to be very bearish for stock counter US DJIA. This bearish condition is despite, US DJIA has strengths in the background in the last 30 bars. There are 7 SOS.

This market is LIKELY moving from Stage 3: Distribution to Stage 4: Mark-Down. Look for possible SOW like Sell Off (SO) – time to exit or short ! This market is getting more bearish in the longer term. THINK TO SELL or turn SHORT!

Stock Trade Idea

Potential Pullback Trade in Ho Hup
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Case Study

Beginning of Mark-up Stage in Skyline

Facebook Live & Video Tutorial

Tuesday Opening Bell
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VSA Lesson

Liquidation Objective

Bill Wermine’s Education/Market Commentaries

Weekly Market Report – 25 May 2019

Research and Do Your Due Diligence

Many people avoid researching either because they want to avoid making the effort or because they do not understand the technical terminologies. However, it is vital that investors take the time to research the companies and the share market to make appropriate decisions. Before investing in a company, conducting sufficient due diligence about it will help investors understand the future.

Free Book

Price Action Trading: Day-Trading the T-Bonds off PAT

by Bill Eykyn

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This book has been written for anyone wishing to day trade, using a discretionary method, rather than a mechanical system. It is a learning tool which should commend itself to the experienced trader, as much as to someone new to this business. Certainly I hope that any raw recruit would find it an easy read, even if it took a while longer to digest the subject matter as a whole.

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VSA 101

– Everything You Must Know About VSA

Volume Spread Analysis Rules – Part 1

Volume Spread Analysis is a study focused on the analysis of volume and price data to see the distribution of Supply and Demand. Volume Spread Analysis Rules combine the major factors that help recognise either an increase in Demand or an increase in Supply which is used to estimate the future price trend.

Volume Spread Analysis (also called as Volume-Price Analysis) could be quite complicated and confusing. Different analysts may have different interpretation of “Smart Money” actions behind the volume-price changes. Therefore, before going into explanation of the chart patterns, signs of weakness and signs of strength, it is necessary to set main ground rules which are lying at the core of the foundation of volume price analysis.

Most of the rules below are evident, yet, i is important to list them in order to understand the volume price analysis.

Supply Demand
Price is moved by Supply and Demand. Supply is generated by the Bears – it is Bearish pressure. Demand is created by the Bulls – it is Bullish pressure.

Strength & Weakness
Spread Analysis looks for Strength and Weakness – it looks for signs of weakness in an up-trend and it looks for signs of strength in a down-trend. In addition VSA looks at the background – what was in the past.

Volume is 2-side transactions. It tells us the number of shares changed hands. This is the number of shares distributed by the Bears to the Bulls. Number of shares sold by the Bears is equal to the number of shares bought by the Bulls.

Bullish Pressure
When Bullish pressure is stronger than the Bearish pressure price moves up.

10 Buys + 5 Sells = 5 Unsatisfied Buys

These unsatisfied buying orders move price up. The more unsatisfied Bulls are out there, the stronger price up-move we witness.

Bearish Pressure
When Bearish pressure is stronger than the Bullish pressure price declines.

5 Buys + 10 Sells = 5 Unsatisfied Sells

These unsatisfied selling orders push price down. The more unsatisfied Bears are out there, the stronger price decline we witness.

Unsatisfied Bulls and unsatisfied Bears
As price moves up we do not know how many unsatisfied Bulls are out there.

The same with price decline – we do not know how many unsatisfied Bears are out there.

…to be continued in Part 2

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