For Beginner & New Millienials! Robie, Stock Market Assistance ChatBot…

Combines Powerful Investing Tools – technical, fundamental data and computer algorithms —into one better User Experience!

Trade Smarter EveryTime, Smarter Investing simplified !

Stock Ideas Every 30 minutes


Robie comprises all Stock Investing Essentials; all-in-one stock idea generation solution that saves you time and helps you make more money.

You get Robie’s top stock trade ideas, full trading plans and results that outperform the markets.

Stock Commentary with Market Sentiments including KLSE Index.

Complete listings of entry and exit with target profit and stop loss of each stock trade idea.

Best Trade Setup

Volume Spread Analysis Method

Easily Identified & Colour Coded

Buy & Sell Pentagon Indicator

Your Stock Investing Essentials are powered by TradeVSA Pentagon System, with Green Buy and Red Sell Indicator, making the share purchase & sales process simple and straightforward.

Value Investing Simplified Further! Intrinsic and Relative Valuation for individual shares exclusive targeted for loyal Value Investor and fundamental follower .

UnderValued or OverValued

Stock Valuation Model

News Headlines


Important events & related news on particular shares

Advanced algorithms & Fundamental Analysis to calculate Projected Price by Evaluating High/Low Valuation Earning Yield.

Advanced Alogrithm & Fundamental Analysis

Target Share Price

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