April 2024 (+9.03%) Performance Statistics Using the Pentagon Guider System by our Co-Founder Martin TF Wong

In April 2024,Martin TF Wong, our speaker, co-founder entered the virtual competition with a strategy focused on short-term trades informed by the Pentagon Guider—a system that identifies potential buy and sell signals based on market volume dynamics.

  • Specifically, Martin’s VSA strategy relied on visual confirmation of a Green Pentagon, which is a buy signal, prompting him to enter the trade at the opening price of the next bar or at the close price of the bar displaying the Green Pentagon.
  • Over the course of Mar-Apr 2024, Martin engaged in 18 trades, of which 10 were profitable, reflecting a win rate of 55.6%. The strategy led to a maximum portfolio increase to RM 61,292, demonstrating a meticulous balance of risk and reward with a maximum drawdown of just 3.3%.
Top 4 Winning Trades
  • SUPERMX (Supermax Corporation Bhd)
    • Profit: RM 2,574.00 (25.6%)


  • SIMEPROP (Sime Darby Property Bhd)
    • Profit: RM 1,353.00 (13.58%)

  • RSAWIT (Rimbunan Sawit Bhd)
    • Profit: RM 1,487.50 (14.89%)


  • CENSOF (Censof Holdings Bhd)
    • Profit: RM 1,155.00 (11.54%)


Top 2 Losing Trades
  1. Panda Eco System Berhad
    • Loss: RM -885.00 (-8.8%)

  1. LHI (Leong Hup International Bhd)
    • Loss: RM -253.50 (-2.52%)
Trading Strategy

The Pentagon Guider System, relies on a combination of VSA Pentagon Guider screener to identify best setup shares.

Educational and Strategic Takeaways

The performance of Martin’s portfolio in the virtual trading competition serves as an excellent case study for traders aiming to refine their strategies. The key takeaways include:

  1. Effective Entry and Exit using Pentagon Guider System: Timely decisions are crucial, as seen in the profitable trades that significantly outweighed the losses.
  2. Risk Management: Fixed position size and value per trade, keeping drawdowns low and managing non-profitable trades effectively helped in maintaining overall portfolio health of RM50k
  3. Leveraging VSA Algorithm Pentagon Guider Technology: Utilizing advanced tools like the Pentagon Guider can provide critical insights and enhance trading decisions.


The virtual trading performance of the Pentagon Guider from April 2024 provides valuable lessons on the effectiveness of technical analysis tools in stock trading. Whatsapp 010-266-9761 on how you can benefit from our speaker weekly stock trade idea.

Disclaimer : Past performance is not indicative of future results. Trading involves risks, including the potential loss of principal, as market conditions can fluctuate significantly. Always consider your investment objectives and consult with a financial advisor prior to trading.