Our 20 Days Live KLSE Trading Challenges ended 20 June – 15 Jul 2022 and all our members emerged as winners.

The 20 Days Live Trading Challenge in KLSE market was a great success! Despite the overall market in KLSE sector sentiment being bearish, our traders were still able to achieve trading success. In fact, many of them managed to make profits even when the market was going down. This just goes to show that with the right tools and strategies, anyone can be successful in trading!

Don’t let the bears discourage you from trading success! VSA360’s 20 Days Live Trading Challenge achieved great results while the overall market sentiment was bearish.

Takeaway from 20 Days Live KLSE Trading :
1. Participants were able to achieve trading success by following our simple trading strategy.
2. Our Trading Challenge is a great way for novice traders to learn how to trade the markets successfully.
3. The Trading Challenge was also a great opportunity for traders to network with other traders.
The overall market sentiment was bearish throughout 20-Jun to 15 Jul, but our 20 Days Live Trading Challenge still managed to achieve trading success.
Our top 3 traders managed to achieve an average return of +21.3%, while the market at that period only declined -2.4%. This shows that it is still possible to achieve trading success even when the market is bearish.

Congratulation to 20 Days Live KLSE Trading Challenge
1) Aaric Niew (+28.2%)
2) Kit Goh (+23.2%)
3) Zanailee (+13.6%)
All Top 3 winners get TradeVSA prizes
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Video and Lesson Learned: