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"Investors who rely on guesswork or tips from the public are likely to lose money in the stock market." - Martin Wong
Martin Wong
Creator VSA360

And we're Proud to say we got 5 stars GooGLE RATINGS....

Trade when the Smart Money are with you, just follow the Smart Money

If you are trading along with the smart money, you are going to win. If you bet with the dumb money (everyone else), you are likely going to lose.

Smart Money are the operator who control 80% of the market volume, they are likely to influence a trend & able to predict what is going to happen and who have the ability to execute. They are the people who are willing to take a big money flow and we want to be following them.

Buy when they buy, Sell when they sell !


Smart Money Footprint Stock : Dufu, DNex, MYEG

Smart Trading Made Simple for Everyone

VSA360 does the hard work for you by processing and analysing Volume Spread Analysis and Fundamental Indicator features every day for each stock and rating stocks based on how likely they are to follow the Smart Money with the Robie Rating Score.


Snapshot of Stock Robie FA

Powerful & Effective Stock Analysis Page

On each stock page, you’ll find all the key data you need to make informed investment decisions, including the Pentagon Guider Indicator, Pentagon Flow, Robie FA Ratings, Fundamental, Technical, Show me the Money, Monthly Seasonality, and more.

Stock Page Analysis : Maybank