How To Get Started

There are several ways where you can get started into purchasing shares.

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    Before you start trading, the first thing you need to do is improve your knowledge in understanding of shares! Never buy something you don’t understand.


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    Selecting a share

    Now that you are all set up, how do you select a share that is right for you?

    Check out Free Stock Screener Account TradeVSA to select a Stock that is Ready to Move higher. There are video tutorials attached after your free account creation and email confirmation.

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    You may also refer to the TradeVSA stock ideas for education tips, materials and Free Education Webinar/Events listed here.

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    How to buy or sell shares?

    On your broker ís trading platform, you will be able to view all shares, loans stocks & structured warrants listed on Bursa Malaysia. Once you have used the Free Stock Screener TradeVSA, (please this video tutorial),

    You should able to select the right shares that are ready to move higher for you, you can simply buy or sell in the same way that you buy or sell shares. If you are unsure of how to buy or sell securities, please refer to your broker or we recommend the Best Malaysian Brokers in Bursa Malaysia & compared them side by side! Click here to read article.

    Beginner's Guide: How-to Select Stock that is Ready to Move Higher!


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    Constant support and updates

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