TradeVSA Digest Week 11 April 25, 2019

Editor Commentary:

US’ NASDAQ and S&P500 Indexes exhibited a record high of 22% and 17% gain respectively, as major players such as Facebook, Apple and other tech firms takes the lead in the rally.

Between the Pacific, China and the United States seems to have backed down on aggression and instead is finding ways to resolve the trade war.

Over the local markets, Malaysia is experiencing a bad spell of investment atmosphere and confidence after Bloomberg ran an interview with UBS chief investment officer for the Southern Asia Kelvin Tay, of whom the aforementioned claimed that the Malaysian economy is in a doldrum and has avoided for the past 5 years.

Small Cap Sector for Bursa is turning the heat up as Finance Minister YB Lee Guan Eng begun a series of economic boasters for infrastructure projects and spending on construction as revival of ECRL, Bandar Malaysia and likely HSR. Keep your eye on the construction sector for now.

KLSE Market Update

Bursa Malaysia KLSE Index
On 2019-04-24, KLCI is trading at RM 1638.01 and change % from last bar was 0.64 %, (+10.57, RM 1627.44). And it’s also 3-Month low. This market condition is considered to be bearish for index counter KLCI. This bearish condition is despite KLCI has strengths in the background in the last 30 bars. There are 7 SOS (Sign of Strengths).

Now, Line Change are in CONTROL now. Expect upside likely after 2019-04-24.

SGX Market Update

Straits Times Index

On 2019-04-24, STI is trading at 3362.43 and change % from last bar was 0.26 %, (+8.96, 3353.47). It is 1-Month high. And also 3-Month high. This market condition is considered to be very bullish for index counter STI. STI has strengths in the background in the last 30 bars. There are 6 SOS (Sign of Strengths). Yesterday’s bar is 18 Line Change. Now, Line Change are in CONTROL now. Expect upside likely after 2019-04-24.

DJIA Market Update

Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA)
On 2019-04-23, US DJIA is trading at 26,656.4 and change % from last bar was 0.54 %, (+145.3, 26,511.1). It is 1-Month high. And also 3-Month high. This market condition is considered to be very bullish for index US DJIA. US DJIA has strengths in the background in the last 30 bars. There are 8 SOS. Yesterday’s bar is 18 Line Change. Now, Line Change or No Supply SOS bars are in CONTROL now. Expect upside likely after 2019-04-23.

Stock Trade Idea

Accumulation in Benalec and Ikhmas Jaya
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Case Study

Seller Zone at MRCB and TunePro

Facebook Live & Video Tutorial

TradeVSA Stock Review and Analysis – 22 April 2019

VSA Lesson

Living with Market Perversity

Bill Wermine’s Education/Market Commentaries

Weekly Market Report – 20 April 2019
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Pick a Strategy and Stick with It

Different people use different methods to pick stocks and fulfill investing goals. There are many ways to be successful and no one strategy is inherently better than any other. However, once you find your style, stick with it. An investor who flounders between different stock-picking strategies will probably experience the worst rather than the best of each. Constantly switching strategies effectively makes you a market timer, and this is definitely territory most investors should avoid. Take Warren Buffett’s actions during the dotcom boom of the late ’90s as an example. Buffett’s value-oriented strategy had worked for him for decades, and – despite criticism from the media – it prevented him from getting sucked into tech startups that eventually crashed. (See also: Think Like Warren Buffett.)

Stock Trade Idea of the Month – 25 April 2019

Gained +7.8% in less than 2 weeks. FIH (2038.HK) show strength from support. Do check out the portfolio equity curve below URL site.

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VSA 101

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The Wyckoff Method involves a five-step approach to stock selection and trade entry, which can be summarized as follows:

1. Determine the present position and probable future trend of the market. Is the market consolidating or trending? Does your analysis of market structure, supply and demand indicate the direction that is likely in the near future? This assessment should help you decide whether to be in the market at all and, if so, whether to take long or short positions. Use both bar charts and Point and Figure charts of the major market indices for Step 1.

2. Select stocks in harmony with the trend. In an uptrend, select stocks that are stronger than the market. For instance, look for stocks that demonstrate greater percentage increases than the market during rallies and smaller decreases during reactions. In a downtrend, do the reverse – choose stocks that are weaker than the market. If you are not sure about a specific issue, drop it and move on to the next one. Use bar charts of individual stocks to compare with those of the most relevant market index for Step 2.

3. Select stocks with a “cause” that equals or exceeds your minimum objective. A critical component of Wyckoff’s trade selection and management was his unique method of identifying price targets using Point and Figure (P&F) projections for both long and short trades. In Wyckoff’s fundamental law of “Cause and Effect,” the horizontal P&F count within a trading range represents the cause, while the subsequent price movement represents the effect. Therefore, if you are planning to take long positions, choose stocks that are under accumulation or re-accumulation and have built a sufficient cause to satisfy your objective. Step 3 relies on the use of Point and Figure charts of individual stocks.

4. Determine the stocks’ readiness to move. Apply the nine tests for buying or for selling (described below). For instance, in a trading range after a prolonged rally, does the evidence from the nine selling tests suggest that significant supply is entering the market and that a short position may be warranted? Or in an apparent accumulation trading range, do the nine buying tests indicate that supply has been successfully absorbed, as evidenced further by a low-volume spring and an even lower-volume test of that spring? Use bar charts and Point and Figure charts of individual stocks for Step 4.

5. Time your commitment with a turn in the stock market index. Three-quarters or more of individual issues move in harmony with the general market, so you improve the odds of a successful trade by having the power of the overall market behind it. Specific Wyckoff principles help you anticipate potential market turns, including a change of character of price action (such as the largest down-bar on the highest volume after a long uptrend), as well as manifestations of Wyckoff’s three laws (see below). Put your stop-loss in place and then trail it, as appropriate, until you close out the position. Use bar and Point and Figure charts for Step 5.

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