Enhance Your Trades with Market Stages – Supermax Corporation (7106.KL)

Mastering the skill to read and identify market stages are crucial for your trades. Identify the market stages can further enhance your chances as you are likely to trade together with smart money. As a Volume Spread Analysis trader, we tend to look for Sign of Strength / Hidden Potential Buying during stage 1 and 2 and Sign of Weakness / Hidden Potential Selling during stage 3 and 4.

Below is the previous post on how to identify hidden potential selling in Gamuda chart:

Based on the daily chart above, the market stages in Supermax chart is almost similar with Gamuda chart:

1. Up-Thrust are spotted at the resistance level after mark-up stage

2. Confirmation of distribution and beginning of mark-down with 2 Sell-Off bars

3. Re-distribution spotted again with Sign of Weakness and resistance at RM3.45