Total Accumulation Price Gain (Jan-Sep 2019) : +205.5%* vs -6.2% (FBM-KLCI)  
Month Best Trade Idea* Highlights (click on below for details)
Sep 2019   (+58.9%)   Kab, Sealink**, Inari
Aug 2019   (+64.7%)   Komark, Sealink
Jul 2019   (+35.8%)  Focus, GPacket
Jun 2019   (+4.0%)  KPower,VS
May 2019  (+5.5%)  MUI
Apr 2019   (-27.7%)  None
Mar 2019  (+17.6%) Danco-WA
Feb 2019   (+2.8%)  GPacket
Jan 2019   (43.9%)  Perdana, WTK
* Selected Stock Trade Ideas based on Bi-Weekly Friday, ** not included as past month trade idea
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