MasterClass Volume Spread Analysis (VSA) Course

Key Learning Points Covered in 3 Days MasterClass Course :

  • Understand the secret of how smart money operates within stock market Bursa Malaysia, US Market & Futures.
  • Learn market stages framework that many other trading courses avoided.
  • Identify “Hidden Buying” and “Hidden Selling” using Shares, Structured Warrants, Futures and Commodities.
  • Know where to look for next winning trades within the next step after Trading Course.
  • Demonstrate case studies of high odds trade setup in the Trading Course.
  • Understand risk management and how to trade with lower risk.
  • Apply Advanced VSA Strategies for entry and exit strategies with profit and stop loss management to maximise value of the trading course.

Gaming Strategy in Investing…

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Our Stock, Futures, Structured Warrant Specialists Readily at Your Service !

Members’ Training Monthly allows Practice/Hand-Holding !

Knowledge Sharing and Lesson Learned !

You will also receive from 3 Days MasterClass Course:

  • Volume Spread Analysis course material and Live Webinar* for those not present at Masterclass course.
  • Access to Sign of Strength, Sign of Weakness & Heat Zone Indicators.
  • 12 months TradeVSA membership with access more than 50 markets (including KLSE, US Market, SGX and HKEX) after trading course.
  • 12 months acess to Member Training Coaching & Mentoring including Trader Stress Test, Trading Psychology, Goals/Plan & Mental MakeUp.
  • Video tutorials and case studies available for your convenience and ease of learning after trading course.
  • Trading course provides Facebook member group for follow-up review and coaching.
  • Regular TradeVSA live training via Facebook member group within the same trading course.

MasterClass VSA Course will be conducted face-to-face workshop & via Live Webinar for outstation participants